About isa

My story is one of passion, creativity, and a deep-rooted connection to art and the heritage of my family. Growing up in the north of Italy, I was surrounded by a unique blend of love, art and science. My grandfather’s artistic inventiveness and vision have always inspired me to see beauty and art everywhere, from canvas to food, nature, and fashion. I started my studies in biomedical engineering and soon realized that my true passion was in the creative field of fashion. Following my dreams, I moved to Paris to study at Istituto Marangoni where I recently graduated with my BA in Fashion Design.

My final collection, which I designed and created entirely, earned me to be selected as one of the top ten students of the year 2021. I’m a spontaneous and eclectic person, moved by curiosity and always looking for new ways to look at things. My goal is to create sustainable clothes for people who want to be chic, free, fun, and spontaneous, welcoming every kind of body, age, and culture, and giving them a great boost of confidence. My story is one of determination and desire to make a difference in the world through fashion. My current aspiration? Changing the word one collection at a time, using fashion to raise awareness on social topics.


Publio Muratore

The art of Publio Muratore transcends the creation of beauty and becomes a heartfelt on-canvas testimony of the events, experiences, sensations and emotions of a man whose gentlest and most elegant brushstrokes still whisper secrets about the human conditions and the land he loved so deeply, Tuscia.

His crafts captured more than the physical forms of his subjects but their truest essence. Through his masterful use of light and colour, Publio was able to reveal the nobility of the human soul and the serene connection between man and the natural environment, its flora and fauna.

There is a palpable sense of warmth and love delicately woven into each masterpiece, a unique charm and character that fascinates all who gaze upon them. His personality lives in his art, his natural elegance, purity of spirit, and unwavering generosity brushed in every detail.

There is a magnetic pull to his art, an indescribable allure that transports the viewer to another world entirely, one where beauty becomes deliberately, elegantly, tenderly, tangible.


Maria Paola

My inspiring muse, my mother, a woman of boundless grace, beauty, endless love and creative gestures, Maria Paola Muratore. She handed over her love for arts in all its forms, introduced me to the inventiveness and vision of my grandfather and taught me to see beauty and art everywhere.

There was a dream she had, of creating a place where nature, cuisine, art and fashion could coexist in perfect harmony. Today, that dream has become a reality and that place exists in the form of l’Orangerie d’Isabella.