Camilla & Romain

noto, sicily Β· 2022

For this venture, we reimagined a vintage dress that we used for the bride's gown, tailoring it to her unique style and preferences. Additionally, the couple commissioned us to craft the invitation for their ceremony.

The bride's gown

Starting with a vintage dress, we crafted the ideal gown for the bride by making subtle adjustments to her fit and style, while incorporating unique embellishments. Utilizing premium upcycled embroidered fabric, we meticulously cut individual leaves and hand-sewed them onto the back and waist of the dress, infusing it with distinctive elegance. Additionally, we adorned the neckline with delicate sequins to add a touch of glamour. We also fashioned a complementary cropped jacket from the same luxurious fabric, providing the bride with versatility and sophistication for her special day.